270 Trimmer Set

270 Trimmer Set

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Superb grilling begins with uniformly thick meat.  Sometimes you're dealing with a "wedge", a "doorstop", or simply a piece of meat that is just too thick.  Our 270 Trimmer Set enables you to trim individual steaks to ~ 1 3/16" thick, ideal thickness for grilling.  

If your meat is already thinner than this and is not uniformly thick, just insert one of our shims underneath the meat to elevate it before trimming across the face of the steak. Shims are ~0.1" thick and ~4 3/32" x 6 1/8" wide & long (the most common steak size).  Each Trimmer Set is now shipped with 3 shims.  Extra shims are available to purchase separately.

Please watch our video on the 270 SMOKERS YouTube channel or Facebook page for a demo on how to use the trimmer set.  

User Tips:

- Start with cold meat

- Cut off hard areas of fat from the edges of your steak.  (This hard fat causes flareups on the grill.  Removing it now will make it easier to trim your steak for thickness.)

- Place the Trimmer Set on a non-slip surface (we prefer the silicone mats made by Thermo Works -- which you can purchase thru our affiliate link here)

- Place the meat on the silicone mat and adjust the Trimmer Set to the best fit (length and width) of your meat.  The 2 pieces should interlock in the grooves, providing a flush surface to guide your knife.

- Use a steak weight on top of the meat to hold it in place while you trim.  Use the steak weight as a barrier to protect your hands and fingers (always keeping them away from your knife blade).

- While applying light pressure with the steak weight to help keep the steak in position, run your knife across the top edge of the trimmer set -- ensure that the knife is moving away from your body and use long smooth strokes to cut thru the meat.

Made of Aluminum in the USA.  Wash with soapy water and rinse before and after each use.

Set contains 2 interlocking pieces, approx 8" x 8" each, and 3 aluminum shims that are each ~0.1" thick.