Smoking Classes

From time-to-time, we hold smoking classes at our cook center near Lexington, VA.  If you're interested in learning how to grill or smoke but don't see a class on our roster that is just right for you, send us an email at and let us know your topic of interest (BBQ Bootcamp, Ribs & Chicken, Pork, Brisket, BBQ Sides, Smoked Desserts, etc.).  (If you join our mailing list, you'll also receive notifications of upcoming classes.)

All classes are held outdoors at our rural retreat near Lexington, VA.  Classes are held rain or shine!  All our classes are "hands on" -- you'll get to practice what you've learned and eat the results

Friday 2pm 06 Nov thru 2pm Saturday 07 Nov 2020

We'll teach you how to smoke brisket 3 different ways:  as a full packer brisket (unseparated), as 2 separate muscles (flat vs point), and as classic Texas style brisket.  While the brisket is getting happy in the smoker, we'll show you all the steps for making your own bacon!  
Lexington, VA