270 Rib Rack, Smokin Mo's

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Custom rib rack fits perfectly in our smokers. The 4-rack version is ideal for the Memphis; the 3-rack version is ideal for the Sumo, Hollywood, Standard, Large, and KC smokers; the 2-rack version fits the Mighty Mini (note, the 2-rack version for the 270 GS is not the same).  The angled position helps prevent the dark marrow marks that you otherwise may see when ribs are cooked horizontally (laid out flat on a shelf).  Perfect for the competition pitmaster or the backyard enthusiast who wants to create beautiful, succulent ribs!  

Our rack was inspired by a 270 pitmaster and amazing rib cook, Mike Lindley of Smokin Mo's BBQ Team.   

Made in the USA.  Material:  stainless steel.  Rib rack is ready to use upon arrival. 

Approx dimensions: 

2-rack version: 13.5"L x 7"D x 6 3/4" H

3-rack version:  13.5" L x 12" D x 6 3/4" H

4-rack version is approx 13.5" W x 15" D x 6 3/4" H (note, due to size, the 4-rack version shipping rate is via dimensional weight).