270 Rib Rack, Smokin Mo's

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Custom rib rack fits perfectly in our smokers (with exception of the Mighty Mini).  Holds 3 racks of St Louis style ribs.  The angled position helps prevent the dark marrow marks that you otherwise may see when ribs are cooked horizontally (laid out flat on a shelf).  Perfect for the competition pitmaster or the backyard enthusiast who wants to create beautiful, succulent ribs!  

Our rack was inspired by a 270 pitmaster and amazing rib cook, Mike Lindley of Smokin Mo's BBQ Team.   

Made in the USA.  Material:  steel.  Rib rack is seasoned (to prevent surface rust) prior to shipment; it is ready to use upon arrival.  Approx dimensions:  13.5" W x 12" D x 6 3/4" H