Ribeye Slicer

Ribeye Slicer

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Save $$$ by cutting whole ribeyes or tenderloins into steaks!*  Inspired by our friends at Muttley Meats, our jig creates beautifully uniform steaks with a thickness of 1 3/16", the ideal thickness for grilling (and fully compliant with Steak Cookoff Association requirements)!  Great for ribeye steaks, filet mignon, boneless pork chops, or slicing Texas toast!  Recommend using with a 12" or 14" knife blade.

Made in the USA of 304 Stainless Steel that encases a removable hardrock maple cutting board, this commercial grade stainless steel jig should last a lifetime.  The edges of the cutting guides have been buffered and will not harm your knives.

Stainless jig is dishwasher safe.  After use, the maple cutting board should be rinsed with warm (not hot) sudsy water, warm rinse, sanitized, air dried, and occasionally wiped with food-grade mineral oil to keep the wood grain sealed (approx 2 oz bottle is included).

Shipping weight: Approx 14 lbs.

Dimensions: Approx 18" long x 9.5" wide x 6" high. 

*On average, you'll likely save $3 to $4 per pound depending on type and grade of steak and place of purchase!