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The original GrillGrate brand grilling grates, made of hard annodized aluminum, are a perfect fit for your 270 GS.  (When purchasing a 270 GS, you can configure your cooking surface with our own rod grate design or mix/match with GrillGrate products.  The items sold here are in addition to what you configure with your base 270 GS!) 

Use either 4 panels of GrillGrates or use just 2 in combination with a 270 GS Stainless Steel rod grilling grate, 270 GS smoking grate, or a GrillGrate Griddle.  The GrillGrate can also be flipped over to create a vented flat surface that is perfect for charring small items such as sliced peppers (as shown in the photo below).  GrillGrates tend to give a deeper, more pronounced sear mark on foods and have less flare-ups than when using rod grates.

Each GrillGrate panel is approx 13.75" long.  Four GrillGrate panels will span the cooking opening of a 270 GS (or 2 can be used in combination with the custom 270 GS Smoking Grate, Stainless Rod Grilling Grates, or a GrillGrate Griddle).  The GrillGrate Griddle is approx 13.75" long x 9.375" wide and is made from anodized aluminum.

The 4-panel set is shipped with a GrillGrate Grate Tool that makes lifting your food off the grate super easy.  GrillGrate products may be shipped directly from the manufacturer and have a 90 day warranty.