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  • The KC is designed to enable pitmasters to compete in a KCBS competition (or similar event) on a single smoker, whether you prefer to cook "low and slow" or "hot and fast".  To our knowledge, the KC is the 1st insulated vertical cabinet smoker on the market with an extended temperature range from 200F to 400F.  It's also the perfect size for the backyard cook who occasionally smokes for large parties.
  • The KC incorporates all of the classic features of a 270 Smoker, providing best-in-class temperature uniformity and stability that enables you to Cook with Confidence!  Patented 270 Smokers convection design with dual-chimney chamber, dual-wall 16 gauge steel, and 1" ceramic mineral wool insulation (rated at 1200F) enable worry-free smoking in any weather conditions.
  • Rear firebox door with sliding vent for temperature control.  (Optional adapter plate can be ordered if you prefer to use an electronic temp controller, however we highly recommend you try smoking on your 270 without a controller first -- the 270 Smoker performs best without one!)  Charcoal basket holds 15 lbs of lump charcoal with typical burn time of 15 hrs+
  • Overall size including latches, ~28.5" wide x ~52" tall x ~33" deep
  • Shelf size:  ~13.6" deep x ~23.25" wide accommodates full-size hotel pans. 
  • Note, 4 Shelves are shipped with the KC smoker.  There are 11 shelf rails, spaced ~2" apart, in the KC plus 1 "Northwoods Rail" mounted ~1" from the top of the smoker to accommodate an optional rack for hanging meat. Upgrade to stainless shelves is an option at time of order placement.
  • Additional shelves (either stainless rod or mild steel rod) and the Northwoods Rack are available for purchase.
  • Typical capacity using just 4 shelves:  9-12 boston butts OR 4-6 large packer briskets OR 12-18 racks of St Louis ribs; add shelves to expand capacity for extra ribs, chicken, etc!
  • UPGRADE to four 6" wheels (v two 5" wheels) is now available!  Simply add this upgrade to your cart before checking out (or you may order this as an aftermarket item).
  • UPGRADE with a stainless steel "Moffatt" top is now available!  Simply add this accessory to your cart before checking out (or you may order as an aftermarket item).
  • Weight:  ~315 lbs
  • Made in the USA with American steel.  Stainless steel hinge. Stainless steel latches. 
  • CALL FOR ESTIMATED LEAD TIME.  During the COVID pandemic, steel & labor shortages may prevent us from building your smoker in a reasonable timeframe. We reserve the right to not accept orders (we will fully refund, if so).