The Fixer

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When appearance matters, The Fixer is your best friend!  Competition Cooks know the importance of continuous grill marks on their steaks and chops, however sometimes a gap in grill marks is inadvertently created during the grilling process -- making an otherwise perfect steak not so.  Now you can use The Fixer from 270 SMOKERS to bridge that gap for seamless grill marks.  

Our Fixer tool approximates the width of a GrillGrate edge.  You'll need a heat source (such as a propane torch) to heat the marking end of The Fixer, then simply "roll & hold" or press the marking surface at the gap in grill marks to make a continuous grilling mark.  Utilize the integrated stand to place the tool on a stable surface to cool.  Always protect your hands, fingers, and any heat-sensitive surfaces from the hot tool.  If you need to bridge another gap in your grill marks, clean the tool with a stiff brush or crumpled foil and then reheat the marking end prior to reuse.

Approved for use in the Steak Cookoff Association competitions.

Made in the USA of Stainless Steel.  Patent Pending.