270 Indexed Slicer

270 Indexed Slicer

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Competition BBQ'ers know that if you want to "win the money", you'd best give the judges their favorite cut of pork...the Money Muscle...with perfect "mouth feel" and presented as professionally-looking (uniform) slices!  Now you can nail "mouth feel" while creating beautifully uniform slices of that Money Muscle (even if your knife and cooking skills are less than perfect) using our Indexed Slicing Jig.  (It also works great for slicing tenderloin, baguettes for crostini, cakerolls...etc!)  

Cut on a bias (angle) or on the vertical (straight up and down), and change the thickness to create the desired mouthfeel.  That's right....if you've overcooked your meat, use the jig to select a thicker cut.  If your meat is a bit underdone, position the indexing board for a thinner cut and consider cutting it on the bias!   Or use the continuous groove to do a "controlled freehand" slice!  

The indexing board is milled to create slices of approx 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" thickness, plus a continuous (non-indexed) groove and visual guides for you to create any thickness desired.  Indexing board and cutting board are made of natural  bamboo, a very dense and durable material.

The aluminum cradle has buffered cutting guides and won't harm your knives.  The commercial grade jig should last a lifetime.  Note, our buffered edges help reduce the squeak of steel-on-steel while slicing.  To further minimize that sound, we like to use a Titanium Coated knife (such as Dalstrong 12" Slicing/Carving - Shadow Black Series).

After use, rinse with warm (not hot) sudsy water, warm rinse, shake off excess water & air dry. Occasionally wipe bamboo boards with food-grade mineral oil to keep the wood grain sealed.

Shipping weight: Approx 4 lbs.

Dimensions: Approx 14" long x 4"25 wide x 4.5" high. 

Made in the USA.

AU Patent 2019392645