Memphis Ironman Shield

Memphis Ironman Shield

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Prevent combatant high winds from stealing your draft & disrupting pit temperatures!  To divert the wind away from the chimney draft, simply slide the shield into the rear chimney slot of the chimney cap. (Note, the Shield is not needed in low wind conditions.)

The Ironman Shield was inspired by the iconic Ironman BBQ Competition at Mason Dixon BBQ Services, held the 1st weekend each April in Greencastle, PA amidst gale-force winds, rain, sleet, snow!  

Dimensions:  ~8 3/4”W x ~6”H (~3” recessed in chimney chamber) fits in the Hollywood, KC, and all legacy models (Large, Standard, Sumo, and Mighty Mini).  Memphis Ironman Shield is approx 8 3/4" W x 7" H (~3" recessed in chimney chamber).

Stainless Steel.   Made in the USA.