KC Smoker Wheel Upgrade

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For those who prefer the added mobility of four wheels v two, we offer an upgrade on our 270 Smoker KC model.  Rather than rigid front feet and two 5" rear wheels, you can select two 6" front swivel wheels with locking brakes (or wheel chocks, DOA) and two 6" non-swivel rear wheels.  Wheels (casters) are mounted on heavy-gauge, horizontal steel channels (similar in construction to our commercial Memphis smoker model).  The steel is coated with matte black paint to deter rust.  Each wheel is rated at 660 lbs capacity.

This is a terrific upgrade that eases movement of the smoker over relatively smooth surfaces.  For safety reasons, movement across soft grass, gravel, or uneven surfaces is best done in the “dolly mode”, tilting the smoker back on the 2 rear wheels as you walk backwards).  

If selected as an aftermarket upgrade, shipping weight is approx 60 lbs and for practical reasons may be shipped in multiple boxes.  If selected as an option at time of ordering your new KC smoker, there is typically no incremental cost for shipping (the total weight remains within the same freight class).