270 Intake Shield

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Following in the footsteps of our immensely popular Ironman Shield, we've developed an Intake Shield to divert the wind away from the intake port on the firebox door of the 270 SMOKER.  

Simply place the intake shield in front of the vent slide, roughly centering it over the intake port.  Push the Intake Shield up to the bottom of the vent casing. The Shield stays in place with magnets, and immediately diverts the wind so it won't "stoke your fire" and disrupt pit temperatures.

The Shield is dimensioned to allow access to the knob on the vent slide, enabling a Pitmaster to make temperature adjustments without removing the Shield. 

Remove the Shield before transporting the smoker.

Dimensions:  ~9”W x ~6”H x ~2.5"D.  Fits the Hollywood, KC, and all legacy models (Large, Standard, Sumo, and Mighty Mini).  

Stainless Steel.   Made in the USA.