BBQ Bus Rails for 270 Wolf Trays

BBQ Bus Rails for 270 Wolf Trays

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NEW ITEM:  BBQ Bus Rails for the 270 Wolf Tray  Brian Dwyer of The BBQ Bus Cooking Team introduced his BBQ Bus Brisket Holder a few years ago to great acclaim.  It helped a brisket hold it's shape while cooking.  Building off of that basic concept, Brian wanted a holder that could accommodate different widths of meat and increased air flow, a real improvement over a brisket caddy. A few iterations of designs between Brian, Chiles Cridlin of Wolf's Revenge, and Terry West of 270 Smokers, and we now have the BBQ Bus Rails for the 270 Wolf Trays.  Simply insert the side rails into a row of  perforated holes in our Large Classic Tray or Large Elevated Tray and cook your brisket either directly on your smoker shelf, in a full size disposable aluminum pan, or a cookie sheet. Note, if using with the Large Classic Tray, invert the tray over a full size disposable cookie sheet (such as the Kingsford Heavy Duty tray available at Lowe's).  Starting in February 2024, MINI Bus Rails are also  available for our Small Classic Wolf Trays and our Small Elevated Wolf Trays - perfect COMBO when cooking chicken, money muscles, pork collars, brisket points, turkey breasts, and small brisket flats.  Rails are sold as a set of 2, and are also offered as a packaged set with our trays (look for COMBO in the drop down menu). 

For reference -

Elevated Large tray:  ~16" x ~10" with ~5/8" downward resting lip and ~3/4" upward lifting lip.  Ideal for smoking, resting, and transporting large items such as full racks of ribs, brisket, pork bellies.  Resting lip ensures air flow underneath and around whatever you're cooking or resting. Place directly on smoker shelf or if desired, nest inside a large disposable pan.

Made in the USA with Stainless Steel, buffed finish.  Dishwasher safe. 

Note, if cooking or resting salted foods in aluminum pans (or foil) it is recommended to place a silicon or parchment sheet as a barrier between the aluminum and any stainless steel item to prevent a galvanic reaction.