270 Brisket Jig

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Take the guesswork out of perfecting brisket burnt ends with our 270 Smokers Brisket Jig.  This jig was designed by Terry West and was used on our recent "180 Brisket" in Georgia.  We can't promise you'll get a 180 if you use our jig, but we can tell you that it'll help you perfect the rendering of your brisket point.  The jig creates burnt ends of uniform thickness and size. 

Approx size 8" x 6 1/4" x 2", handcrafted in Virginia with kiln-dried American Hardrock Maple.  Insert is kiln-dried natural bamboo.  Jig and cutting board are easy to clean.  Simply wipe clean with sudsy warm water followed by a quick rinse. Wipe dry.  Do not use in an automatic dishwasher; do not use hot water.  Periodically apply mineral oil to preserve the jig (as you would a hardwood cutting board); sample bottle of mineral oil is provided.  As shown in our our video, we recommend using a disposable aluminum pan (such as the Weber 6415 that can be purchased at most grilling stores, WalMart, or Amazon) to finish rendering your burnt ends.

Jig is shipped with approx 2 oz sample of food-grade mineral oil.  

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