Outdoor Cooking Class - BRISKET & BACON!! - Fri/Sat Nov 6-7th

Outdoor Cooking Class - BRISKET & BACON!! - Fri/Sat Nov 6-7th

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Tender, mouth-watering brisket & savory home-smoked bacon....when they're done right, there are no better morsels of food on the planet!  If your smoked brisket or bacon game isn't quite where you want it to be...if your friends and family are still standing upright when they taste your food (vs the knee-buckling, eyes-rolled-back-in-the-head, with murmurs of "oh my heavens!!!" response you were aiming for...), this is the class for you!

Our BRISKET class covers traditional "low 'n slow" and "hot 'n fast" methods to smoking a packer brisket, as well as traditional Texas-style brisket.  We'll show you how to smoke with the brisket muscles intact, and how to smoke with the flat and point separated.  And of course we'll teach you how to make Brisket Burnt Ends!!  While the briskets are gettin' happy, we'll teach you how to make BACON that is so tasty you won't ever want store-bought bacon again.

Our ~8 hour class teaches fundamental knife skills, fundamentals of smoking and controlling the pit, choice of fuel and smoking woods, the essentials to look for when selecting a full packer brisket to purchase, how to trim and prepare the meat, layering flavors with rubs, braises, and sauces, and how to tell when your meat is "done". 

Our small-group classes are hands-on (we'll teach you the theory, show you our process, and then you'll practice what you've learned right in the class by working on a full packer prime-grade brisket and a slab of pork belly.  Make sure you bring a cooler and ice, as you'll be taking home your leftovers!  You'll also have the option of purchasing additional smoked prime briskets to take home to share with family and friends!  (Reserve extra by contacting Stephanie directly at 540.817.0589)

Our classes are taught by champion pitmasters Terry & Stephanie West and are held at the 270 SMOKERS rural retreat near Lexington, Virginia.  Terry is the chief designer and inventor of the patented 270 SMOKER, a natural convection charcoal smoker.  Terry and Stephanie have been competing on the professional BBQ competition circuit since 2009. This class is geared for the backyard enthusiast and early thru mid-level competition pitmaster.  Classes are primarily taught using 270 Smokers natural convection charcoal smokers and grills however the fundamentals apply to cooking on other styles of smokers as well.

Note, optional Companion ticket for a family member is available at a reduced price. Companion must accompany primary registrant and will share meat for prepping & smoking.  If you each prefer to work hands-on with separate meat, please purchase as primary registrants at full price.

This class runs from 2pm-5pm on Friday followed by dinner & a bonfire, and resumes on Saturday with continental breakfast at ~8:30am and class from ~9am-~2pm.   Dry camping is available on site for free; call Stephanie if you need local lodging recommendations.

Class fee is non-refundable if cancelled within 7 days of the class date.