OBR: "State Fair Blue Ribbon" Relish from Saddleview

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This sweet zucchini relish is inspired by Janet Bedard, whose family has passed the recipe down thru generations (along with many blue ribbons from their state fair!)  Ours is created from produce from local family farms and our own garden, and produced in our small batch kitchen.  Ingredients: zucchini, white onions, heirloom tomatoes, sweet red peppers, green bell peppers, sugar, white vinegar, celery, honey, salt, spices (celery seed, black pepper, ground mustard, ground allspice, turmeric, tagine spice), cornstarch.  Sold in half-pint jars.  Note, please use PROMO code for free delivery to an upcoming marketing event as this item is not shippable by common carrier.  Event dates are listed on our Upcoming Events page (with promo codes MADISON, ISLAND, CURRITUCK, and SMITHFIELD)

100% of profits from this item will be donated to Operation BBQ Relief, a non-profit organization of pitmasters whose mission is to provide warm, nourishing meals to those impacted by major natural disasters.  OBR has provided encouragement, hope, and nourishment to millions of people in need.  To find out more, visit their page at www.operationbbqrelief.org