270 FooManShoes

270 FooManShoes

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FooManShoes – ease the positioning of a smoker on a smooth showroom floor, garage, or competition trailer.  Custom “shoes” enable you to push the smoker (“gliding”) into tight spaces, and minimize risk of the front feet marring a linoleum floor, carpet, or rubber mats.  Shoes are recessed within the foot cavity and are not evident when viewed straight-on; height can be adjusted, if needed, over time.  Note:  Prior to ordering, please confirm that your smoker has welded-on mounting brackets behind the front feet -- this accessory was introduced in 2016 for the Sumo, Standard, and Large smokers.  KC smokers are shipped with "shoes on".

The FooMan-Shoes were inspired by FooManChoo BBQ of Nelsonville, OH – the 1st pro team to join the 270 Smokers family.  While at the Covington VA comp with us in 2015, they asked for “a new pair of shoes” that’d be kind to the linoleum-floor in their competition trailer.   These are a perfect fit!

Made of vulcanized rubber and stainless steel.  

One pair per order.