AR's Hot Southern Honey

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The favorite infused honey of competition BBQ team 270 SMOKERS!  We drizzle AR's mild-hot honeys over our competition ribs and pork to add just the right balance of heat.  It's fabulous drizzled over chicken, goat cheese, cornbread, pizza and ice cream! We favor AR's brand due to the purity of ingredients (no extracts or additives other than an infusion from dried peppers), well-balanced flavor, and distinctly improved "pourability" vs other brands that tend to heavily crystalize.  AR's superior filtering process results in a honey that stays smooth and drizzly, allowing us to enjoy every drop.  A unique blend of 100% real, raw honey and peppers without syrupy additives or tasteless extracts!  Ingredients: Honey, red chili peppers. Gluten-free.  Sold in 12 oz squeezable bottles. Made in Virginia by a small family-owned business.