270 Brisket Jig & Stainless Rib Rack "Combo Deal"

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Save $$ when you pair the purchase of a 270 Brisket Jig with the Smokin Mo's 270 Rib Rack (upgraded to stainless steel)!   

You've fallen in love with our new Brisket Jig, which will help you perfect your brisket burnt ends.  Now try our custom rib rack -- the angled position helps prevent the dark marrow marks that you otherwise may see when ribs are cooked horizontally.  Holds 3 racks of St Louis style ribs. 

Both products are hand-crafted in the USA. Brisket jig is made of hardwood and commercial cutting board material; Rib rack is made of American stainless steel.  Both products are ready to use upon arrival.