Guru Adapter Plate

Guru Adapter Plate

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Although you don’t need a Guru to control temperatures in a 270 Smoker, we do occasionally get a request for a Guru adaptor (typically from someone who already owns a guru and is new to the 270).   (Installation instructions are featured on a short YouTube video segment that is posted on our channel & our facebook page.) 

Customer must have the basic 2-piece Guru Adaptor (sold by   Note:  the Guru nut for the bulkhead adapter may be slightly oversize.  If so, use a Dremel or similar tool to file (or slip it in the mail to us, and we'll be glad to do it for you).  

Fits Mighty Mini, Sumo, Hollywood, Standard, Large, & KC model smokers.

Steel plate.  ~6"L x ~2"H